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Web Localization

In todays New Economy, it is imperative that you offer your website in a variety of languages to attract Internet surfers. It is not enough to have your website in a particular target language. It must be in line with the cultural norms of the target country. We provide professional website localization services, and help you to adapt your website culturally and linguistically into your target market. This will significantly improve the proportion of return visitors to your website.

What is the difference between website localization and typical content translation?

The translation of your website content is just one part of the website localization project, which requires the support of a strong technical team. We return to you a website that is identical in format, yet completely localized in your target market, complete with the graphics and database.

Why the need for a strong technical team?


  • Accurate estimation of project scope and reasonable quotation;

         Many clients are unable to provide us with their source codes, and hence a strong technical team is required to assist in an accurate estimation of the project scope and developing a reasonable quotation;

  • Automated project management shortens project management time and avoids overlap of duties;


  • Sustainability of content renewal

         This is a very important component of the website localization process. Most large-scale websites are changing almost on a daily basis C functions, content, new product information, etc. An actively evolving website means you will need to posses strong web content management capabilities to update or to repeat content in various language pairs.

    Our work processes


  • Upon enquiry, we evaluate the scope of the project by computing the number of words and graphics, before coming up with an initial quotation.
  • A client relations manager is appointed to discuss through the details of the website localization project with the client.
  • The project is formally implemented with native speakers translating the text and graphics.
  • The translated text and graphics are processed, and the HTML codes are updated to accommodate the specific requirements of the target language.
  • Trial run of the website to ensure normal operation.


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