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Our Management Team

We are a group of people who love the power of language, and although we come from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, we share the same passion for our work. United by the same mission and the same vision, we work together and play together.

Sisi Su
Sisi was once a lecturer in English and Communications at the College of Journalism and Communication at the Shanghai International Studies University. With 8 years of translation experience under her belt, Sisi has translated over a million words and interpreted for numerous large-scale PR events. In 2003, Sisi co-founded Talking China, and took on the position of Managing Director. Her goal in life is to find like-minded people with similar passions, and to live a life of simplicity and leisure.

Gao Hong

Upon graduation from university studies in Japan, Gao Hong returned to China, and joined the investment operations of the Industrial Bank of Japan. He subsequently became the Chief Representative of a Chinese trading company in Japan. With an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture, Gao Hong now spearheads the Japanese operations as a co-founder of Xinyitongand Deputy Managing Director. He believes that the best is yet to be, and aims to be a bridge to Sino-Japanese relations.

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