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Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Since 2003, we have provided language training services for over 20 staff from various Schneider subsidiaries, including Schneider Electric, Schneider Low Voltage Terminal Apparatus and Schneider Control Engineering. The training included English courses for mid-level and senior Chinese managers.
Radio Frequency System
Since 2003, we have established close relations with the HR department of RFS in foreign language and Chinese training services for everyone from the Managing Director of the China Region to the department heads to the wives of expatriate staff. We have tailored a standardized training format especially for RFS.
CoCa-Cola (China) Beverages Ltd.
Xinyitongstarted providing Coca Cola with Chinese training services in 2002 attended by top executives including the director of commercial operations and the operations managers. In 2005, we arranged language training for a group of 7 managerial level foreign staff, focusing on business Chinese. In 2006, we embark on Chinese courses for foreign staff of the newly established Coca Cola University.
Schenker (China) Ltd.
Since 2003, we began providing one-to-one Chinese training for several expatriate staff at Schenker each year. By end 2004, we established long term relationships with Schenker’s HR department.
Beginning in 2004, our professional follow-up of each student and tailored content have won the approval of both the students and the client. In 2006, Xinyitongalso begin providing expatriate staff under the Guerlain and Christian Dior brands with Chinese language training.
TUV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
As a German quality certification company, TUV organizes basic German courses for its staff each year. Since 2003, we have organized German group training for 20 staff each year. Our comprehensive customer service has received the thumbs up from TUV Rheinland, which is itself a training company.

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